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>>…Now imagine you are a virus living in one of those.  I see no reason whatsoever that a virus couldn’t survive a good old fashioned deep sneeze

>…The droplets are too small.


>>…I just can’t see why that few seconds in the air would slay those viruses.

>…Very small things can "die", as in be torn apart at a molecular level, very quickly.

I fear we are belaboring this argument.

We are told that any contact with any of the bodily fluids with an ebola-infected patient can spread infection, including sweat and blood, both of which are external to the ebola patient.  Apparently air exposure doesn’t kill the virus, at least not immediately.  The two nurses who cared for the Texas ebola patient contracted the virus, even though both were trained in caring for contagious patients and hospital-grade hygiene.

In sports, the contestants do come in contact with each other’s bodily fluids, and no I am not talking about *that* sport.  I mean the competitive ones such as boxing, football, and such.  BOOM:


It happens.  In a hospital, you have sneezes and coughing, as well as good old fashioned bleeding and barfing.  I do feel it is just irresponsible at this point to conclude that ebola cannot be airborne under these conditions or any conditions.  We have not enough evidence to make that blanket statement.  The places where we have a lot of science have too little experience with ebola.  The places where they have a lot of ebola have too little experience with science.



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