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McGuire's patent application mentions using liquid LiPb or FLiBe
coolants.... and not all coils are to be superconducting, if I am reading
it correctly. The patent mentions details of shielding, with thickness
varying from 5 mm to 126 cm. Looks like this is more oriented towards
demonstrating general technical feasibility than merely theoretically
analyzing plasma magnetohydrodynamics and nucleonics.


They are talking about the possibility of levitating the internal coils -
They want to use 2.2T coils, which is a lot less than planned for ITER (14T)

I wonder how much is the "fits on truck" issue a real technical
consideration vs. a way of hype-building vs. patent-law consideration.
Simply saying you can make a working fusor is one thing but repeatedly and
very publicly saying it will be rather tiny speaks of a whole new level of
iron-clad confidence (or in-your-face BS).

I am not so worried about the shielding issue, or even the plasma leak from
mirror coils, which they say have been addressed in the patent, using
liquid coolant and plasma recirculation. The main issue with tokamaks,
exponentially growing plasma instability, also should not be a problem
here, since plasma current is not used as a source of confining magnetic
field (as it is in a tokamak, if I am understanding the stories correctly.

Dave Kirtley (or somebody claiming to be him) also commented here:


"I do think what they are doing is interesting."

- which coming from a direct competitor (Helion Energy) could be high


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> On Sun, Oct 19, 2014 at 8:33 PM, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:
>> Note I am not claiming to know more about nuclear physics than Tom
>> McGuire.  But I haven’t heard a single word about how this scheme can solve
>> what appears to be the show-stopper with compact fusion: the hot neutron
>> containment problem.  Until I hear what they have in mind, I am not buying
>> any additional LMCO stock.
> ### How thick is the layer of molten, circulating lead needed to absorb
> enough of the neutrons so magnetic coils do not fry? Is it so thick as to
> make the device as large as ITER, or is it still in a reasonable range?
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