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Mon Oct 20 14:42:08 UTC 2014

On Mon, Oct 20, 2014 at 12:30 PM, spike  wrote:
> Could not our political leaders have failed to recognize the technical
> difference between airborne and no-touch?  Could not they too have concluded
> from the scientist's comments on airborne transmission that there was
> insufficient justification to stop flights from Liberia when there is
> significant risk introduced by flights from the hot zone?  Perhaps even the
> infected nurses in Texas misunderstood the risk?
> It is difficult to even estimate the potential damage to the airline
> industry and the US economy from even one suspected aircraft-related
> infection.
> Conclusion: flights from the hot zone should be stopped forthwith.
> Alternative: passengers should be given a quarantined and controlled exit.

US public mistake The Walking Dead for media's Ebola coverage

Seventeen million Americans tuned into the fifth season of AMC's
post-apocalyptic horror show The Walking Dead, mostly unaware that it
was not a public information film from Fox News. Many have complained
that footage of actor Andrew Lincoln wading knee-deep in zombie
innards was not as graphic as the Ebola-ageddon predicted by news
anchor Bill O'Reilly.

Half way into the opening episode, with cannibals doing battle with
flesh-eating undead, most watchers said this was consistent with Fox's
usual coverage of Africa or the Democratic Party's conventions and
agreed that beheading zombies was a far more effective screening
process than the one employed in US airports.

Following the season opener, there have been calls for borders to be
closed and for all brain dead reporters to be killed on sight.


(This is English humour)   :)


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