[ExI] no-touch transmission, was: RE: 23andME - Company issues: privacy

Mirco Romanato painlord2k at libero.it
Mon Oct 20 15:07:34 UTC 2014

Il 20/10/2014 13:30, spike ha scritto:

> Could not our political leaders have failed to recognize the technical
> difference between airborne and no-touch?  Could not they too have concluded
> from the scientist's comments on airborne transmission that there was
> insufficient justification to stop flights from Liberia when there is
> significant risk introduced by flights from the hot zone?  Perhaps even the
> infected nurses in Texas misunderstood the risk?

Spike, I don't know how this work in the US, but these matters are not
handled directly by the politicians or the administration.
They defer to their experts for what to do, how to do and when to do.
They could override them, but they would take risks and responsibility
for it (it will never happen).

They want exploit the fear, not cause it to be real.
They really do not want it to become real, because it would imperil
their power.


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