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Mirco Romanato <painlord2k at libero.it> , 20/10/2014 5:31 PM:
Il 20/10/2014 02:01, spike ha scritto:

> We are told that any contact with any of the bodily fluids with an
> ebola-infected patient can spread infection, including sweat and blood,
> both of which are external to the ebola patient.  Apparently air
> exposure doesn’t kill the virus, at least not immediately.  The two
> nurses who cared for the Texas ebola patient contracted the virus, even
> though both were trained in caring for contagious patients and
> hospital-grade hygiene.

I bet they had not a so contagious virus before.
They would have encountered far more infectious viruses. Measles and chickenpox are an order of magnitude more contagious:https://infobeautiful2.s3.amazonaws.com/940_Microbescope.png
I suspect it was lack of routine. Had it been a TB patient they would have handled it according to protocol. 

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