[ExI] Immeasurable hubris

Rafal Smigrodzki rafal.smigrodzki at gmail.com
Fri Sep 5 02:53:49 UTC 2014

On Thu, Sep 4, 2014 at 4:09 PM, Anders Sandberg <anders at aleph.se> wrote:
> My own long-term survival paper will be posted when it is presentable;
> still have to work out some astrophysics and logic. It is titled "That is
> not dead which can eternal lie" and gives a scientific basis for believing
> in something like Lovecraft's Great Old Ones. They are waiting for the
> background radiation to be right.

### I would be mildly skeptical of this. Assuming that the Old Ones may
want to maximize their access to negentropy in the extremely distant
future, they would have to manifest themselves during the intervening eons
in order to prevent the initiation of processes which dramatically increase
entropy, i.e. exponentially multiplying later-generation sentients, like
us. We didn't just crawl out the primordial ooze yesterday - there were
billions of years of observable evolution when a competent galactic
gardener could have nipped this weed in the bud, instead of having to deal
with an infestation that could span the whole galaxy in less than a million
years from now.

Since we are still around, the Old Ones seem to have dropped the ball
massively ... unless of course, we are one starflight away from waking up
the Reapers. Time will tell.

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