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William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 29 12:51:02 UTC 2014

I am the equivalent of a first grader in this discussion, but what about

If we knew exactly what we wanted a computer program to do, it would be
easy to write the code, correct?

If we wanted to model AI on the brain here's what we face:

Just recently glial cells have been found to not only supply neurons with
nutrition and serve as the blood brain barrier, but actually affect the
functioning of them.  We have no idea how or why now.  Given that there are
100 billion neurons with up to 25K connections and up to 5 trillion glial
cells, it will be a very long time, maybe never, before we can begin to
understand just what is going on up there except in a fairly general way.

So when we say that we want a computer to think or create we are going to
have to specify exactly what we mean (operational definitions in my
terminology), because trying to model the code on brain activity is a dead
end.  (Trivia:  I have seen three streets named Hemlock and all of them
have been dead ends.)

Also, calling it intelligence or creativity may in fact hinder the efforts
because we are still undecided what they are, especially the latter.  Why
not just figure out what you want the computer to do and program it?

bill w
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