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>>…Oh what a glorious time to be living.  We higher primates evolved these bulbous frontal lobes for exactly this era.  Give it away until you are sore, then give more.

 >…I like to think that we're all earning Whuffies: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whuffie James


Excellent thanks James.  I like to think that in our modern era, high-whuffie people have nearly zero risk of starvation or homelessness.  Imagine your favorite high-whuffie; everywhere he goes, some local will feed him and let him crash in their guest room as long as he wants to occupy it; they will be happy to have him.

I may be imagining it, but I don’t think so.  Now is the best of times to be destitute compared to the lot of the destitute elsewhere and elsewhen.  Starvation is mostly off the table already.  Consider the local will-work-for-fooders, holding their signs with one short phrase, which is false.  As a group, surely many of them are homeless, but they don’t look terribly underfed to me.  They aren’t as skinny as… um… I am.  So they may be destitute, but they are not starving.  

I have seen WWFFs pulling cell phones out of their pockets.  I have seen WWFFs pop the trunk of their car with a remote, toss the sign in, drive away.  We occasionally see an actual urban camper, a genuine homeless person.  If you know where to look they can be found.  There are hiding places everywhere in a typical city.  Yet if you go around on foot and scout out the urban campgrounds, it soon becomes clear that there are a lot more WWFFs than there are actual homeless people, by a factor of 4 I would estimate.

My point: we are part of the way, or perhaps most of the way to James’ whuffie site goal, a time and place where the bare necessities of life are there even for the destitute.

In our modern world, it doesn’t have to suck to be poor.



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