[ExI] The Anti-Flynn

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>… On Behalf Of William Flynn Wallace


​>…A rap artist as a genius.  Now there's a concept.​..


My city had an unsolved murder.  Three youths came into a local convenience store at 0300, robbed the place of 200 dollars and slew the clerk.  They had them on video but they were wearing ski masks and hoodies, so there were no leads.  Nearly a year later, the aspiring young musicians posted a rap to YouTube which included the lyrics “…Found us a sto, take down dat place, two to da mouf, now it’s a cold case…”  


The case warmed up immediately, and all four were apprehended by the local constabulary, the three rap stars and the driver of the getaway car.


Commit a murder, get away cleanly, then post a YouTube rap bragging about it: genius.





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