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Mirco Romanato painlord2k at libero.it
Wed Apr 29 18:21:35 UTC 2015

Il 29/04/2015 04:17, spike ha scritto:

> *>…**On Behalf Of *William Flynn Wallace
> ​>…A rap artist as a genius.  Now there's a concept.​..

> My city had an unsolved murder.  Three youths came into a local
> convenience store at 0300, robbed the place of 200 dollars and slew the
> clerk.  They had them on video but they were wearing ski masks and
> hoodies, so there were no leads.  Nearly a year later, the aspiring
> young musicians posted a rap to YouTube which included the lyrics
> “…Found us a sto, take down dat place, two to da mouf, now it’s a cold
> case…” 

> The case warmed up immediately, and all four were apprehended by the
> local constabulary, the three rap stars and the driver of the getaway car.

> Commit a murder, get away cleanly, then post a YouTube rap bragging
> about it: genius.

> spike 

I do not like rap. But it is a technique, not to be confused with the
people using it.
There are some music geniuses making rap songs. 99% are not geniuses for

I agree with Anders that judging the value of inventions is difficult;
the inventor do not work in a vacuum.
The Florentine artists were not working in a desert, their background
was a burgeoning economy and civil struggles. There was a lot of demand
from rich and powerful people for their work. And they were forced by
competition to innovate continuously if they were able.

Now? Is any bureaucratic body administering someone else money able to
make the same wise decision or follow just the "expert opinions" about
what is art and what is not?

Mirco Romanato

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