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Chris Hibbert hibbert at mydruthers.com
Sat Jan 24 18:07:46 UTC 2015

nicoalcala at gmail.com wrote:
> If you want to send this very same email to the list in 10 years but with
> the oppossite message, saying: "I made it, I saw the opportunity and seized
> it at it's early stages" I would recommend that you invest in Virtual
> Reality. Any part of it, really. It's gonna transform the world in an
> unprecedent way and my guess is that it's gonna be even bigger than the
> internet.
> I'm starting a company to produce content for Oculus Rift, Magic Leap,
> Hololens and whatever is to come. I would love some feedback from you guys
> and, of course, an interesting debate about what will happen when the
> virtual world is better than the real world should arise in due time in
> this list.

I'm working at Google's Niantic Labs on Ingress, a massively-multiplayer 
augmented reality game played in the real world. I call it a "get off 
your couch" game, 'cause you can't play it without wandering around in 
the real world. Niantic is working on other titles, and is developing a 
platform for real-world augmented reality titles.

Anyway, my recommendation for a low-cost platform for trying out your VR 
chops is Google's cardboard. It's open source hardware, with a cost of 
less than a dollar, and runs on standard-issue smart phones. Once you 
have built a couple of low-end titles for this platform, you'll 
understand the medium enough to make it worth while spending more time 
and money developing for more sophisticated platforms.

I'm starting to study bitcoin. I haven't worked on prediction markets in 
a couple of years, but all the variant bitcoin tools are making this 
look like the place to develop new prediction markets. I have some 
catching up to do in this space.

It is easy to turn an aquarium into fish soup, but not so
easy to turn fish soup back into an aquarium.
-- Lech Walesa on reverting to a market economy.

Chris Hibbert
hibbert at mydruthers.com

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