[ExI] [Bulk] Alcor, California, and the right to die

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Subject: [Bulk] [ExI] Alcor, California, and the right to die


>>… Alcor to open a branch office just over the border of their home state of Arizona… John K Clark  



>…John if you live in Quartzsite California (just over the AZ stateline) you would treasure the right to die.  There isn’t much to live for out there.  I have a good story about Quartzsite, for later, if then.  spike



Correction, Quartzsite is inside Arizona.  Blythe CA is a few miles west of there over the CA stateline.  Short version: I was on a motorcycle trip in 1987 to see my former college roommate who lived in the Phoenix area.  Going east on Interstate 10, nothing but vast open desert, very little traffic so I was letting the bike do what bikes do so well out there.  I was coming up on Quartzsite AZ, see a semi truck pulled over on the westbound side, driver outside his rig which was on fire.  As I came up on it, the flames broke free and billowed up high from his trailer, which is something one seldom gets to witness.  I let off of the throttle, moved to the right lane, slowed to about 50 miles an hour, when a car came blasting past me, missing me by inches.  He was also looking to his left at the fire, didn’t even see me.  That could have been the end of the road for the old Spikester right there out in Quartzsite AZ.


There isn’t much to live for in Blythe CA either, for all the same reasons.



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