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[S. J. Gould]
> As I'm sure you know he doesn't give an analysis.

Probably not. I've always felt he was more of the double standard type:
he'll find confirming evidence/analyses for his position and disconfirming
for the positions he's against, but never test his position or allow those
he's against much of a benefit of doubt.

>>    Gould was a very incompetent scientist with a bully pulpit.

I don't know about 'very' but the bully pulpit thing definitely got the
upper hand.

> He claimed others fudged their data, but later examination showed
> Gould was the fudger and the original work he attacked was correct --
> his talent for writing enabled him to achieve an undeserved status in
> popular science books. Pros saw him as a fake with a PC agenda (e.g.,
> _The Mismeasure of Man_) from the beginning.

As pernicious was his view of Non-Overlapping Magisteria with regard to
traditional religions.


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