[ExI] Hive Mind: Anyone here read it?

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>> http://www.amazon.com/Hive-Mind-Your-Nation%C2%92s-Matters/dp/0804785961
>> I assume that if a hive mind is inevitable then only one person needs to
>> read it for it to become part of the hive.
>> If a hove mind is not inevitable,  then why would I need to read about
>> the hive mind?
>> :)
> In order to help bring it about, or prevent it, or modify the possible
> conditions under which it might come?  ;)
> None of the above. From the description, it appears to be a metaphor or
> maybe he's saying we already have something like it. It's supposedly about
> a nation's average IQ being a more important predictor than individual IQ.
> Put another way: what he seems to conclude -- I haven't read it -- is that
> it's better to be in a nation whose average intelligence is high as opposed
> to having intelligence in a nation whose average intelligence is much lower.
> This seems to not be much of a surprise. One can be easily imagine a bunch
> of people with higher average intelligence would have an overall better
> multiplier for things like cognitive specialization. Imagine Einstein or a
> Hawking stuck in a society of unimaginative dolts. But I imagine he puts
> more into than just a set of cute analogies and humorous anecdotes.

### This doesn't seem to be a new finding - in the HBD circles this is
received wisdom. Lynn published on it in 2010, and Lynn and Vanhanen
published "IQ and the wealth of nations" in 2002. Jones himself published
on it in 2011.

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