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> Are you familiar with:
> https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compatibilism ?

> They define free will as freedom to act according to one's motives without
> arbitrary hindrance from other individuals or institutions.
> ​"​

​Why the distinction, what difference does it make if the
​ comes from other individuals ​or from the basic laws of physics? Either
way my will is throttled, I can't do what I want to do.

> ​> ​
> others might say from the agent's own ability to predict it's behavior.
​Or rather free will is the inability to make that prediction according to
the only definition that is not gibberish.  If we always knew what we were
going to do we'd feel like a robot. But does even a robot feel like a robot?

For a mind to totally understand itself it must form a perfect internal
​ ​
model of itself. The model must not only describe the rest of the mind in
every detail but it must also depict the model itself with a micro model.
This micro model must represent the rest of the brain and the micro model
itself with a micro micro model. This path leads to an infinite regress.

Both the brain and the model must be made up of a finite number of
elements. If we are not to lose accuracy the components of the brain must
have a one to one correspondence with the elements of the model. But this
is impossible because the brain as a whole must have more members than the
part that is just the model.
​ ​
This argument does not hold if the mind is infinite, that is if it has an
infinite number of segments. It would be possible to find a one to one
correspondence with a proper subset of itself; for example you CAN find a
one to one correspondence between the
​ ​
set of odd integers with the set of all integers. Thus an infinite
intellect could predict all its actions without error.
​So ​we are led to the interesting conclusion that we have free will but
God, if He exists, does not.

John K Clark

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