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>…In 190? there were two cars in Indiana.  They wrecked.  That is, each other.  



This is now considered an urban legend, but if true it is not a surprise to me.  Two guys in the same town, first ones with cars, and you know they were most likely guys, and most likely young.  They rumble around town, no rules of the road, no firmly established law.  What is about to happen here?  Of course they will.  They could scarcely resist the temptation to race that other guy.  


Cars in those days had lousy tires, lousy brakes, terrible handling and suspension, just plain crummy everything.  Get one going over about 40 MPH on the questionable roads at the time, the endgame is as foreseeable as the sunrise.


Note how quickly car racing drove the technology.  I am hoping that robot-car racing gets going soon.  That will be fun.



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