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On 10 December 2016 at 21:45, spike  wrote:
>> BillK on the contrary sir.  Even after advanced nanotech, the new big 
> challenge in life, artificial or otherwise, is heat management...

>...We have only had electronic computers for about 50 years and already
they are nearing the limits of that phase of computing technology. So what
comes after electronics in another 25 years?  And then in the third
generation in 12 years? (Remember exponential improvements?).
Heat management won't be nearly as big a problem as it is with our primitive
technology. Future technology won't involve silicon processors glowing

>...And that is only one technology. The whole world (and the whole
species) will be changing at the same time.

>...Star Trek has limited our vision of future possibilities. Our future
could be far, far greater than Star Trek.


BillK, think end-game.  Look at the equations for entropy and work
backwards.  Assuming energy streaming out from a star in the familiar form.
Now imagine matter arranged to its optimal configuration for creating the
most information per unit energy that comes out from that star, or most
effectively reduces entropy for a given limit of matter and a known flux of

Assume all the other engineering problems have been solved.  From that
perspective, what is that configuration?

When I do that exercise, the solutions I get tend toward small bits of
matter widely spaced.  We will likely be metal limited and heat control is
the path to maximum entropy reduction.


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