[ExI] Tabby's star

Stuart LaForge avant at sollegro.com
Sun Dec 11 21:47:57 UTC 2016

Rafal wrote:
<If all of the above is correct, then taking aliens at Tabby's star
seriously would require believing that aliens, who built tens of millions
of Dyson spheres in our galaxy in the last couple of hundred million
years, have failed to manifest in other ways. We failed to notice 100 000
Dyson spheres in our neighborhood? Did we fail to see the multiple Dyson
spheres in the surrounding 100 light years, at our doorstep? We found 28
planets (!) in this area and failed to see the Dyson spheres?>

Maybe the aliens aren't expansionist. If they don't have FTL, then speed
of light latency would make interstellar empires unmanageable. And if they
cant control their colonies, their offspring might evolve in an
unpredictable fashion, essentially speciating, and someday return home to
eat their parents. Why breed your own competition? Seems like an
existential risk.

Rafal wrote:
<I am willing to take a bet up to $1000 at 10:1 odds against me that in
the next year there will be no peer reviewed confirmation of alien
activity at Tabby's star, or anywhere else in the universe.>

One year is too short a time frame for me to take that bet. Give me 35
years, and I would take your bet.

Stuart LaForge

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