[ExI] Tabby's star

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Sun Dec 11 22:40:40 UTC 2016

Excellent thanks Stuart.

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Spike wrote:
>>...Instead of thinking of it as using all available energy (as in the
Kardashev's levels) imagine that the goal is to convert energy optimally
from the point of view of maximizing computing (creation of low entropy
data) given a fixed amount of metal in interplanetary space...

>...FWIW computational physics corroborates this. The Beckenstein Limit is
the maximum amount of information you can pack into a given mass-energy
embedded in a given volume of space. It is given by the following formula:

I <= K*M*R
>...Stuart LaForge

Excellent thanks Stuart.

Now think of it in terms of an engineering optimization problem.  We
optimize in favor of something we don't usually worry much about: reducing
information entropy as a function of available matter, given a known
constant throughput of energy, nearly regardless of space considerations and
not worrying much about time constraints. 

That last part is just odd to mortal beings with our short lives.  What
if... time really isn't money?  What if suddenly metal is money?  Energy is
what it is, we have all the space we want.  Hard to shift out of the old
time-is-money paradigm, ja?


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