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> taking aliens at Tabby's star seriously would require believing that
> aliens, who built tens of millions of Dyson spheres in our galaxy in the
> last couple of hundred million years, have failed to manifest in other
> ways. We failed to notice 100 000 Dyson spheres in our neighborhood? Did we
> fail to see the multiple Dyson spheres in the surrounding 100 light years,
> at our doorstep? We found 28 planets (!) in this area and failed to see the
> Dyson spheres?This strains my credulity.

It strains my credulity too. If
​ ​
a structure
​ ​
​ ​
​ ​
is responsible
​ ​
​ ​
Tabby's star
​ ​
odd behavior then the builders must have advanced Nanotechnology, so why is
the thing so small? With technology like that
 could engineer the entire Galaxy in less than 50 million years even if
their space probe
 moved no faster than our own
​ did in the 1970's​
. And although
​certainly ​
strange Tabby's star doesn't have the stereotypical signature of a
​ ​
like a
​ ​
Dyson Sphere, the ET theory must be tweaked to fit appearances and that's
never a good sign. What about the idea that it
​ ​
appears the way it does because of a dense bunch of particles in orbit
around our own sun between us and
abby's star
​ ​
in the Kuiper
​ ​
Belt or Oort Cloud? That  would easily explain the lack of infrared

> ​> ​
> I am willing to take a bet up to $1000 at 10:1 odds against me that in the
> next year there will be no peer reviewed confirmation of alien activity at
> Tabby's star, or anywhere else in the universe.

​There is no way I'd take that bet!​

​ John K Clark​
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