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​> ​>…As soon as you say "problem" you're making a human value judgment based on psychoevolutionary heuristics based again on ontology.


​>…So what? There is absolutely nothing wrong with anthropomorphic reasoning because if you don't assume you will have more things in common with ET than you will have  with a rock then you're not going to get anywhere…


Ja.  We could start by thinking of the things that every spacefaring lifeform would have discovered.  Humans do not own mathematics, but we are the only species on the planet using it.  That in itself is astonishing once you think about it.


>…And you're also assuming that even though ET knows about electromagnetism and it is the fastest form of communication in the universe ET doesn't use it for communication, which explains the lack of even a hint of a intelligent signal even when we point Green Bank's 328 foot radio telescope directly at Tabby's star… John K Clark



We could perhaps think of all the reasons why a tech-enabled lifeform 400 LY distant would be radio silent.  I can come up with some.


John we have a lot of work to do on your notion of the information content of a volume of space being a function of the surface area of the sphere.  That in itself has some profound consequences.  As the sphere scales up, the information content increases as the square while the latency increases linearly.  That observation requires deep thought.







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