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> As soon as you say "problem" you're making a human value judgment based on
> psychoevolutionary heuristics based again on ontology.

​So what? There is absolutely nothing wrong with anthropomorphic reasoning
because if you don't assume you will have more things in common with ET
than you will have  with a rock then you're not going to get anywhere. As
soon as you offer the theory that Tabby's star's odd behaviour is caused by
an alien megastructure you're assuming that ET believes in many things and
has a problem (by the way, why did you put that word in quotation marks?).
You're assuming ET knows about electromagnetic radiation, and you're
assuming ET knows about energy, and you're assuming ET likes energy and
feels he (or she or it) has a problem and doesn't have enough of it, and
you're assuming ET's solution to that problem is to  built a structure
around it's star to harvest that electromagnetic energy.

And you're also assuming that even though ET knows about electromagnetism
and it is the fastest form of communication in the universe ET doesn't use
it for communication, which explains the lack of even a hint of a
intelligent signal even when we point Green Bank's 328 foot radio telescope
directly at Tabby's star

  John K Clark
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