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One year is too short a time frame for me to take that bet. Give me 35
years, and I would take your bet.


### In thirty five years I will be probably frozen at Alcor…Rafal



I could imagine setting up long-term bets where the beneficiary is some organization or something likely to outlive our bio-selves.  Plenty of us think of our alma mater, but those guys are in good shape, so why not set up bets, somehow put up the money in something which will decide the winner 35 years from now and pay?


How would it be done?  Suppose I want to make a long term bet with John Clark or Rafal and since I will likely have perished 35 years hence (perhaps not, but good chance I would by then) I want the winnings to go to Alcor.


Is there a way to do that now?  How about if both players put up some money now and invest it such that it gets 35 yrs of interest or investment growth?  Have we finance gurus among us?



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