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> HIDDEN MEME 2: That the word ‘metaphysics’ has any part to play in this discussion.
> Basically the word metaphysics has been used for 2000 years to create a false position about the scientific accessibility of an underlying reality that gives rise to an observer. It was invented by stone-age thinkers that had no modern physics, neuroscience or computers.

The term 'metaphysics' and the idea of there being a unified body of inquiry going under hat term dates to Aristotle and those collating his work. He and his commentators lived in the Iron Age -- long after the Stone Age.* (That is, if we're going to use these ages as of significance. Why's it relevant here? You're using an alphabet basically created in the Iron Age. Would you impugn it and stop using it because of that?)


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* Of course, the Stone Age didn't end everywhere at the same time, but in Ancient Greece when they were writing books on these topics, it was long over -- in the sense that archeologists and historians use the term. In fact, the intervening Bronze Age had also occurred and been over for hundreds of years in the same area.
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