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>> There is not one speck of evidence that the human brain uses any sort
>> of quantum process in its information processing
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> You are trolling, aren't you?

​Trolling?? I know it's difficult for you Adrian but try not to be a total
jerk, I've been posting on this subject on this list for over 20 years.​

​Trolling my ass!​

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> You should know there is plenty of such evidence.
> ​  [...various silly or irrelevant links]​
> And that's just some of the results from a quick google.

​Thanks for that brilliant use of ​Google, I can't imagine how else anybody
could have found a Wikipedia article.

Obviously the brain involves chemical reactions and obviously all chemical
reactions involve quantum mechanics, but an old Apple-2 computer also
wouldn't work without quantum mechanics,  and the exact same thing is true
of a neolithic hand ax. The term "quantum computer" does not mean an object
that uses quantum mechanics, it would be pretty silly if it did as every
object in the universe does, it means an object that uses quantum
algorithms and quantum logic to process information. Until Feynman raised
the possibility in the 1980s nobody had even thought about such a thing and
it's only been since Shor's factoring work in 1994 that it has looked like
they might actually be practical someday.  But I repeat what I said before,
there is not one speck of evidence that the human brain uses any sort of
quantum algorithm in its logic or memory processing.

​ ​
Penrose and Hameroff
​ ​
had a theory that
​ ​
electrons inside
​ ​
​ ​
microtubules in neurons would somehow get entangled and then somehow
process information,
​ ​
but they were extremely vague on how it would all work and there is zero
​ ​
that they're actually right. And it's extremely hard to see how on earth
they could be right, the human brain is just too hot and
​ ​
physically chaotic. Max Tegmark
​ ​
has calculated that if 2 electrons in a microtubule
​ ​
become entangled they would become unentangled in less than a
​ ​
​ ​
and that's far too short for structures as large as those in the brain to
do any quantum logic processing. Light, the fastest thing in the universe,
moves about a hundredth of an inch in a picosecond.

At least
Penrose and Hameroff
​ are semi-respectable but there is also the quantum mind nutjobs whose
entire theory seems to be that human consciousness is mysterious and
quantum mechanics is mysterious so the two must be related. Needless to say
they also have no supporting evidence.

  John K Clark
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