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I have mentioned before (patience with me please) how cool it would be if we
could figure out some kind of systematic means of recording into some kind
of web-based collective database or some means of recording systematically
nature observations.


We had one going some time ago with bees.  Someone had organized a bee
observation site where people submitted observations in verbal form, but we
had never figured out a way to systematically data-fy the observations, or
create some means of expressing things in numerical format.  I have been
pondering that for a long time.


Yesterday I noticed something cool.  A tree near my home still has its
full-sized green summer leaves and also its multi-colored fall leaves.  This
happens every year, but this has been an oddball mild wet fall without a
hard wind.  Sometimes we see the winter blossoms come on before the solstice
(which is this coming Wednesday.)  Yesterday I looked closely and noticed
the tree already has its spring leaf buds showing the first traces of green.
So now this tree has growth from all four seasons:





I bought one of those weather stations that records rainfall, temperature,
wind direction and speed, humidity, solar flux and keeps it all in a file.
Tomorrow's task is to set that up and get it recording.


OK cool, we have climate in a format which is formatted in numerical data.
I want to figure out a way to do the same trick with bees, birds, trees,
whatever else I can find which can be expressed in numbers.  We could
express a date at which the leaves started turning colors in the fall, the
date of the winter blossoms, the date one could see the first spring buds.
Any other ideas on metrics for trees?


How do we data-fy birds?  Bugs?



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