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Guys, you know what we really really need?  I’ll tell you what we really need.  We need a kind of paint that does something interesting while it is drying, something that would make it worth watching.  I came up with an idea.  You have seen those tiny low-intensity devices that project light patterns.  We could rig up one of those things to emit in IR, just below the human visual band, about 800 nanometers with an LED.  Then we mix powdered phosphor in with ordinary paint, brush it on, turn off the lights, turn on your hidden projector, tell your friends you have invented a special kind of paint, it is interesting to watch it dry.  Your hidden device projects nekkid images, or the Virgin Mary perhaps and you are back there IT’S A MIRACLE!  Or hey, why not both, have a nekkid Virgin Mary?


Either way, it would make paint interesting to watch as it dries.  It would wreck a perfectly good hyperbole that’s been around for a long time perhaps, but oh it would be a hoot.










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