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Agreed.  The risk of long-lasting damage is too great.

To me that sounds like the product of anti-hippie fearmongering about
"flashbacks" and your cousin's cousin who took too much LSD and now thinks
he's the messiah and a grapefruit.

Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder is quite uncommon.

I honestly doubt you'll find much literature which concludes that one dose
of psychedelics is mentally risky.  Prove me wrong?

It's propaganda.

On the other hand, there are old and new studies where people who are
completely drug-naive have positive experiences--sometimes everyone in the

Psychedelics have been shown to assuage end-of-life anxiety in terminal
disease patients.  If psychedelics don't freak out people who are DYING, I
don't think you'd have much of a problem.

Spike, Adrian: You're scientists.  You believe in the worth of the
scientific method.  Thus I would ask if you can provide literature to show
that it is risky for an average person to use psychedelics.

As well, my bet still stands, with odds of (x*1000) to 1, where x is 1 if
you win the bet and 0 if you lose.  I won't harangue, but these chemicals
do just what a lover of nature and science wishes a chemical existed to
do--and they do exist.  It's an awful, awful waste of mind potential to
forgo them.
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