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Agreed.  The risk of long-lasting damage is too great.



>… Psychedelics have been shown to assuage end-of-life anxiety in terminal disease patients.  If psychedelics don't freak out people who are DYING…


Hey, I see an area of agreement: for terminal patients, go for it!  If I am terminal and I can see the end of the road coming, then I will use that stuff.  Or perhaps not, but in those circumstances, I might give it a try.  Not now.



> ….I won't harangue, but these chemicals do just what a lover of nature and science wishes a chemical existed to do--and they do exist.  It's an awful, awful waste of mind potential to forgo them…


Ja the risk of wasted potential is a risk I am willing to take.  Were I Peter Parker, I would say my spidey sense is tingling whenever the notion arises.  I will consider it once the local medic tells me she can do no more for me.  





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