[ExI] Max mocked

David Lubkin lubkin at unreasonable.com
Tue Dec 27 00:02:53 UTC 2016


>British futurist in charge of US cryogenic 
>facility reveals plans to freeze his own head
>A British 'futurist' in charge of one of the 
>world's largest cryogenic facilities has 
>compared himself to Leonardo Da Vinci...

I'm glad there's publicity for cryonics, Alcor, 
and our friend Max, but the headline—repeated in 
the article and now on Drudge Report—is not news.

Max's official Alcor bio says he's been a member 
since 1986. And he's hardly made a secret of his 
plans for a neurosuspension—he was posting about 
it on cryonet at least 24 years ago.

And Max did *not* compare himself to Da Vinci.

His point was that like Da Vinci and the 
helicopter (or Babbage's Difference Engine, 
O'Neill's L-5 space colonies, Drexler's MNT), 
cryonicists can envision the development of 
revival techniques long before tech is up for accomplishing them.

-- David.

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