[ExI] 2017 - The year of AI

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Tue Dec 27 11:29:18 UTC 2016

The past year’s developments point to a 2017 shaped by the next phase
of virtual and augmented reality, the emergence of an internet for
artificial intelligence and the creation of personalised digital
assistants that follow us across devices.


1) Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. 2017 could see us using AR
to check our emails, posting on Facebook and discovering the best
route to our meeting place across town, with all content delivered
straight to our eyes.

2) Internet of Things and Internet of Connected Robots. Cloud Robotics
- The robots use the cloud to share the data, enabling it to be
analysed by any other robot or intelligence system also connected to
the same network. One robot teaches something to another, who in turn
develops it and passes it forward in a collaborative effort that could
massively increase the learning potential and connectivity of

3) Intelligent Personal Assistants. The next iterative step for the
likes of Siri, Cortana and Alexa: an intelligent assistant able to
travel with us wherever we go, across every device we use, to assist
us in nearly every aspect of our lives.

This all sounds a bit frightening to me. I don't think I'm prepared to
hand my life over to the Cloud. If you are worried about 'fake news'
now just wait till everything ls monitored, controlled and fed to you
from the Cloud. You won't be able to run NoScript or AdBlock on
connected devices.


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