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>… is there anything about Khan that suggests that it might be superior in a setting where peer mentoring is done?


Hmmm, I don’t see where peer mentoring would enter into that kind of effort.  KA is really better set up for home study or after-school than in-school use.


>…OK - ten minutes and most watchers have mastered that concept…


Ten minutes of lecture, followed by practice on the concept for perhaps thrice that same time period.


>…  Then turn on another one?


Ja.  Self paced.


>…How fast did your kid go through the videos?


Well, I recorded everything, so I have a total of 4320 minutes of video, 15030 minutes of working on skills and 1460 minutes working on challenges (writing software.)  This was over a span of 1004 days, so an average of about 4 to 5 minutes of video per day, 15 minutes of skills, with intermittent projects.


I would estimate about 8 minutes per video is more typical and a skill takes about 12-16 minutes or so to master a skill.  So a reasonable approximation is about 500 videos and for skills, I have the exact number available:  1107 skills mastered.  This was accomplished in less than 3 years (1004 days calendar, 480 days with at least some KA action of any kind (he has other training material besides this (such as a robotics training course.)))


This is an example of skills at the KA Calc1 level:


Skill     Level  Questions     

Finding limits numerically                                     Mastered      

One-sided limits from graphs                             Mastered      

Two-sided limits from graphs                             Mastered      

Two-sided limits using algebra                           Mastered      

Two-sided limits using advanced algebra        Mastered      

Continuity                                                                 Mastered      

Limits at infinity where f(x) is unbounded       Mastered

Limits at infinity where x is unbounded           Practiced      

Squeeze theorem



>…  Did he ever replay one? 


Ja, plenty of times on the statistics and probability course.  That one was tougher than the calculus so far, not so much the math itself but the reasoning behind it.  That one is tough for kids, perhaps easier for adults and those of us who have played poker or pondered these concepts.



>…Or this:  would 5 Khan videos equal one 50 minute regular class session?


I am guessing a typical class session would give time for about two videos and about three skills if they hustle.  The videos and skills don’t necessarily correspond one to one, and you don’t need to view the videos to do the skills.  Plenty of it can be figured out by working on it.


>…I think I will enroll and take a class or two just to see.  Recommendations?


For a grown-up, try that statistics and probability course.  It does not require a lot of math, no calculus, some table-lookup, some calculator stuff, plenty of reasoning.  Take your time, draw diagrams.  Don’t worry if you need to go back and review.


BTW, my time is yours and I'll share any of my so-called knowledge with you like I did in the beginning.  bill w


Cool thanks BillW.  I would like another pair of eyes on this, just to see if others find it as marvelous as I do.



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