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On Thu, Mar 3, 2016 at 9:23 AM, Anders Sandberg <anders at aleph.se> wrote:

> On 2016-03-02 21:13, Tara Maya wrote:
> A nude video being taken is a huge violation. It’s a form of sexual
> assault. It’s not some funny little prank.
> The problem is that it depends on who it is. BillK is likely entirely OK
> in joking about a hypothetical Spike video, while to others a nude video
> can indeed be a sexual assault and is no joking matter at all. A lot of it
> depends on whether one belongs to a vulnerable group, or how the video is
> spread.
> It seems that the key issues is (1) a nude video means the intimate sphere
> has been made public, having a chilling effect on it even when there is no
> risk of outside peeking (this can be made even worse by outsider malicious
> comments - they can put their barbs more closely to the skin, so to say),
> and (2) the lack of control over the released information - integrity is
> about being able to control your information, and once it is out there you
> cannot do much to regain it in that domain.
> The problem with these is that neither can be remedied well with
> technology or law. Adding astronomical fines will not deter people if they
> think they can get away with it. Many intimate videos are made for
> consumption inside a relationship, but leak out anyway. "A right to be
> forgotten" is complicated to achieve outside a social context.
> One day we may build the cryptographic memory-DRM society of the Oubliette
> in "A Quantum Thief". But until then it will be hard to do something
> general and effective.
> ​I read where sexting is the 'in' thing to do in high school and if you don't, you're just out of the
> ​'in' group.  I don't know that we will ever get used to a lot less

​but if everyone who had their nudity exposed on the net by some ex boy
friend sued, the courts would have no room for any other cases.  Clearly
many or even most of these are without permission of any kind, which is
hard to prove.  And young teens, perhaps the most vulnerable group, are the
most exposed to this.  Teens of all sexes will do dumb things to conform to
group norms and it's impossible to stop.  For every complaint about it, a
thousand cases go unnoticed - or more.

In the case that started this chat, the lawyers will go after the deep
pockets (hotel) but I agree with Tara that the people who removed the
device and took the photos should be charged with something:  You could
make a case for assault.

bill w

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