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> >…There is a big case in the US courts about a newscaster who had a nude video taken of her by a stalker who removed the peephole in the door. 

>…Did the miscreant remove the peephole (which can arguable not have been anticipated by the hotel) or did he use a "reverse peephole" such as this:


If the later, these are so available and cheap that not installing a peephole with a cover:

http://www.amazon.com/Tg3828PH-220-degree-Privacy-Thickness-Polished/dp/B00T415N8A/ref=sr_1_3?s=hi <http://www.amazon.com/Tg3828PH-220-degree-Privacy-Thickness-Polished/dp/B00T415N8A/ref=sr_1_3?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1457064088&sr=1-3&keywords=Door+peephole+cover> &ie=UTF8&qid=1457064088&sr=1-3&keywords=Door+peephole+cover

could well be negligence…




This is from the court testimony:

After hearing Andrews leave, he removed the peephole from her door and went back to his own room, where he used a hacksaw to cut off the threads attached to it.

“I removed the peephole, altered it,” he said. “I cut off the threads so it was basically a plug and could be put back in.”

Later on in the day, Barrett returned to his room and heard the shower on in Andrews’ room.

“I went back to the room, and unfortunately for both of us, I could hear that the shower was on in her room when I walked by,” he said.

“I waited until the shower went off. Then I pulled out the plug and waited for the opportunity.”

There are a thousand ways something like this can happen.  A sleazebag could perhaps use an endoscope underneath the door in those hotels where some adjoining rooms have a pair of doors separating them.  I have seen flexible endoscopes smaller in diameter than a pencil that would fit underneath a door.  

A cell phone could be hidden in ceiling tiles or a smoke detector could be modified: slimeball rents room, switches smoke detector with one containing a cell phone camera, along with plenty of electrical storage capacity, checks out and perhaps records next occupants, later returns and retrieves phony smoke detector, replacing original.  Lets a few months go by, emails video to occupant, demands whatever method those Hollywood hospital ransom-demander used, bitcoin, to collect the ransom, no way to catch the sleazy bastard.  

If the perp is careful and doesn’t leave fingerprints on the smoke detector, the authorities probably couldn’t even figure out whodunit: one hotel room looks like any other, and they might not even be able to determine what hotel was bugged.  The bad guy could hide the video device inside the clock by the bed, rent the room, switch the clock, get the video, switch them back later.  Or hide the device inside the HVAC vent.  Hotels cannot stop this sort of thing.




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