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Thanks for the follow up.  This case was indeed not seemed worthy of research: it does not affect us or anyone we know of.  If the hotel did actively help the stalker, rather than passively and ignorantly allow as had previously been stated, then yes they deserved to lose every penny of that judgment, and more.

>…On the contrary: it does not only affect famous women. That was the point. It affects 50% of the population and I'm sure you know quite a few women who have been stalked. In fact, almost every adult woman by a certain age has been, whether for short times as they are followed through the streets or buildings, or for longer times, via communication and technology. Read the comments on the second article. You will find women in every walk of life commenting on how they were stalked while traveling for business, like Andrews. Or just by living every day, surrounded by men without empathy or boundaries. There are more of them than people think.





Ja.  We need not exclude men from the potential victims of stalkers however.  It doesn’t usually, but it can go either way.  There are women without empathy or boundaries but with handguns in their purses, and men for that matter, stalking men, or women can stalk women too.


The hotel gave away information on the location of a particular guest.  Now we can be sure that hotels will never do that again, but we can extend the whole concept.  It is easy enough to imagine professional people-watchers who report on the whereabouts of whoever is popular enough to sell ad space on a website dedicated to reporting the location of anyone.  It is a little like a person who takes photos of celebrities for magazines (how bizarre is that?)


A device could be set up with automated face recognition or human-assisted motion detector activated recognition.  Imagers are cheap enough that proles could set them up in hotels and figure out which room any person of interest is temporarily inhabiting, then something like an endoscope could be used to go under the door to create video without the theatrics of removing the peephole.


Or it could be that society just starts tracking the whereabouts of others, with no particular motive, other than we can now.


This whole case may have spawned an industry.


All privacy in any public space is gone.



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