[ExI] DeepMind wins third Go game and the championship

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Is the art of bluffing programmable?



>…One could imagine a future where there exist salesbots and anti-salesbots…Adrian



Ja, what I had in mind is machine-designed advertisement.  That is a ways off, but consider that most annoying internet ad, the one that starts out with Ten…Nine…Eight…  and so forth, oy vey.  It was funny the first time, but I have suffered it perhaps 50 times and I still don’t know what they were selling.  Energy drinks?  Which one?  Fail.  

OK so imagine we still are forced to view ads for content, but someone figures out a way to make a new clever ad each time.  Hell if someone took all the SuperBowl ads and put them end to end with no football or advertising in it…  Wait, back up…  Took all the Superbowl ads and cut out all the football, I would probably view that just for fun.

If someone created a good ad-bot, I would probably view that.



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