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​>…  people who say that they can answer any question about something aren't scientists, or at least aren't being scientific.  It's a pretty wild claim at this point in psychoneurology, eh?​


​bill w​



BillW they didn’t actually claim they could offer correct answers.  They only said they could answer any question.


I can answer any question about dope, and it is a very simple answer: just say hell no.  


We know some people do fine, but we know others do not.  We don’t know which we are beforehand.  Dope doesn’t justify its own risk.  


We are the lucky generation where life is interesting enough sober, with aaaalll this cool stuff happening all around us, aaaallll this crazy fun interesting science and technology going on all around us, oh my, how lucky we are.  None of the dope is justifiable or advisable for this lucky generation.  


Simple answer:  walk away from it, then break into a run. 



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