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> Does art imitate life or does life imitate art?  BillK gives a good example of fiction defining reality.
> This meandering thread is a perfect illustration of why I hang out here after all these years:  ExI Chat is a busy and fruitful idea factory.  BillW tosses out a fragment of an obscure poem, we take it away, talking about advertisement, frogs, poetry, pretty much anything.  Emily Dickenson would have fallen out of her chair laughing at where her work led us.  

What little I know about Dickinson makes me think she wouldn't have fallen off the chair laughing. In fact, one of her early champions, Colonel Higginson, found her quite insufferable to be around on their, if memory serves, one and only meeting. Of course, what I know about her comes from reading her poetry (maybe not the best way to tell anything about a person*) and what little biographical information has been provided on this shy, reclusive poet.

> People here generally don't care who gets credit for the ideas; they just toss them into this imaginative information maelstrom and see what comes spinning out, spontaneous extropy.  Thanks everyone here.  You are delightful company.

Well, that makes me feel quite bad for pointing out how Dickinson might not have been amused. ;)


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* That said, though art can be interpreted many ways, I'm of the mind done interpretations are better than others -- even if there's might be no final best interpretation. I still think Dickinson didn't mean the French in her poem. Yes, given the word 'frog,' one might jump to that association. (It's a little surprising given that 'frog' is a derogatory term in that context. That should be another clue: I know of no antipathy Dickinson had toward the French. Could be wrong about that; I'm not a Dickinson scholar.)
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