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>… didn't mean the French in her poem. Yes, given the word 'frog,' one might jump to that association. (It's a little surprising given that 'frog' is a derogatory term in that context…



Indeed?  I had not heard that.  I always assumed that associating a people with a favored unusual food was fair game.  It isn’t racist in any way, it is a choice.  What is the French equivalent of Yank?  I don’t consider Yankee a derogatory term, and coming up with a favored food for USians is tricky.  Hamburgers?  Hot dogs?  Doesn’t everyone eat those?  We sometimes refer to the Brits as limeys, but I can imagine they would wear that one with pride because of where it originated.  They don’t devour more limes than anyone else I don’t think.


Every nationality needs a nickname of some sort, just to show they are good sports, ja?  Foods seem safe to me.  Still don’t have one for USians.



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