[ExI] experiment: decreased investment in individual memes...

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I really don't know, for I do not tweet.  It just sounds too undignified.  Furthermore, I really cannot express my thoughts in 37 characters or less (or whatever the absurd limit is.  I can't do it!  I am too not hip.  I really mean it: I just can't express myself in haiku-length posts.


>…One tweet doesn't necessarily have to contain an entire thought.

>…Many thoughts are expressed in multiple tweets or a tweet with a short description and a URL. 


>…I rarely tweet but I follow lots of Twitter accounts for various kinds of announcements.

>…The limit of a tweet is 140 characters but photos can be included, too.

>…On Twitter, each of the above lines would be a separate tweet.







Dave has proven point.  

Need much tweets to Xpress self.  

1 post > many tweets.



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