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Mike Dougherty msd001 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 00:56:52 UTC 2016

On Mar 29, 2016 3:35 PM, "William Flynn Wallace" <foozler83 at gmail.com>
> My solution:  put everything in the cloud and make whoever runs the cloud
responsible, the way we do for our Visa cards when someone runs up a tab on
ours.  Happened to me - cost me nothing.  Five minutes of inconvenience.  I
would favor discontinuing using Social Security numbers for anything except
Medicare and IRS etc.
>> How would y'all feel about just changing all passwords etc. daily and
automatically by someone like Lastpass?  Then the onl
>> ​y password we'd need is for Lastpass.  You would not need to know the
changes yourself, but could log in and find out.

I am very much against any proposed solution that begins with "how about
just ..."

Just put all of your eggs in one basket,  just put everyone's basket in one
bank vault, just put a single bank in change of that vault,  then just wait
for the inevitable : whether freelance hackers or state funded cyber
terrorist, eventually they'll get in and everything falls apart.

Even if they aren't there to steal your/our money,  simply wiping out all
the accounting washes away the lies underpinning the world economy.  I
don't think I'm prepared for that.

Do you have anything in the form of a gradual and understandable change in
the fundamental nature of everyday reality?
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