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On 2016-03-30 13:32, Ben wrote:
>>... Many people will then jump to the opposite extreme, and object that 
> without humility, people automatically become hubristic. Not so.
> Again, another false concept that's handy for keeping people under 
> control. Humility and Hubris are extremes on a scale. Most people can 
> happily and beneficially exist in the middle.

>...Self-esteem should be tied to how well one is actually doing; inflated
self-esteem is linked to a lot of maladaptive ego-defense mechanisms, while
too low self-esteem of course prevents one from doing things that woulkd
help one grow. But it is hard to tell from the inside: this is where
objective evaluations and frank (but supportive) friends are invaluable. --
Anders Sandberg

Anders your comment brings back fond memories of Robert Bradbury.  There was
guy who just said what he thought.  He didn't intend to insult: he just
didn't do much with human emotion.  If he thought an idea didn't suck, he
would say so as well, so it was a good balance.  He provided useful
perspective.  I miss that guy.  Is it amazing: Robert has been gone nearly
five years now.


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