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> On 2016-03-30 13:32, Ben wrote:
>> Many people will then jump to the opposite extreme, and object that
>> without humility, people automatically become hubristic. Not so. Again,
>> another false concept that's handy for keeping people under control.
>> Humility and Hubris are extremes on a scale. Most people can happily and
>> beneficially exist in the middle.
> Very Aristotelian. It is a virtue to have a balanced self-model, being
> aware of one's limitations and potential insofar they can be known.
> Self-esteem should be tied to how well one is actually doing; inflated
> self-esteem is linked to a lot of maladaptive ego-defense mechanisms, while
> too low self-esteem of course prevents one from doing things that woulkd
> help one grow. But it is hard to tell from the inside: this is where
> objective evaluations and frank (but supportive) friends are invaluable.
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​There is some really interesting data on depressives.  It turns out that
their view of reality is closer to the actual than most peoples'.  Other
data suggest that an inflated view of one's abilities actually results in
greater achievements than a more realistic one.  ​

​It may be that an inflated view produces efforts that others say will
fail.  And many will do so, but perhaps a few will succeed spectacularly​.
I also note that many highly successful people have made fortunes and gone
broke several times each.

​Quote of the day:  "You can go around being frank with people, or you can
have friends."​

Pun of the day:  "I subscribed to a magazine and did what everyone said
could not be done:  I took a Horticulture."

bill w

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