[ExI] If you built "Westworld" (or other robot sex) it would probably be with VR

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Subject: Re: [ExI] If you built "Westworld" (or other robot sex) it would
probably be with VR

On 3 November 2016 at 14:13, Dave Sill wrote:

> ... The only gray area I see is "underage" sexbots... Dave

For some time after they hit the market, they will *all* be underage.  {8^D

I see your point.  We can deal.  Read on please.

>...The problem I foresee is that sexbots will be *better* than the real
thing... BillK

This is a problem?  {8^D

I see your point.  We can deal.  Read on please.

If you have ever experimented with Pandora, you know where I am going with
this next idea.  Pandora plays songs for you and you can up vote it or down
vote it.  I think it takes into account how long you listened to a song, so
if you down vote a song instantly, such as something from the hip-hop
catastrophe, it will no longer insult your ears with any of that revolting
garbage henceforth.  But the algorithm is quite good.  If you have musical
tastes varied enough that you seem like two or three different people,
Pandora can deal.  It can play stuff in accordance with one's mood, say
those of us who like classic country and classical, two very different forms
but both pleasant depending on one's mood.  They can be set up as stations,
analogous to radio stations with different genres.  It's cool!

OK now, imagine your ideal Jill-bot, and your favorite style, but in
addition to that style you have varied taste.  Say you like schmoozy cuddly
most of the time, but sometimes you like a little of the rough stuff, or
silly funny or costumes and things, so it isn't all that simple.  A human
partner can get cues and react appropriately, but... I now start thinking
about how to do a Pandora-like algorithm to train a Jill-bot to be fun, and
perhaps be able to take on different personalities according to one's mood,
like a Pandora station.

Oh would that be cool or what?  Could you imagine: your job is to train a
Jack-bot to act certain way depending on a customer's whim.  Or wait, let's
turn this around.  Ladies have a job of training Jill-bots to be certain
things.  We could have the real brainy Dr. Arroway Jills and train her to
act the way she did in the video, and you get to pretend you are Joss
Palmer.  Wasn't Foster sweet, kind and smart in that?  Oh I am so in love.
Not with Foster, but with her character Dr. Arroway, oh mercy.

OK so what if you want something other than Arroway once in a while.  The
customer has a streak of whatever it is that cause guys to want a stern
schoolmistress to spank him or something.  We can hire Catherine Herridge to
train the Jill-bot.  We can create sex-genres!  Think about it, oh the

My son's school emphasizes that the kinds of jobs these children will take
are ones that currently do not even exist.  Well here ya go: sexbot trainer.

Another variation on a theme: replicating the actual female parts turns out
to be a very difficult mechanical problem.  I consider myself a competent
mechanical engineer with design experience, but that one has stumped the
hell outta me.  Nature is hard to beat in that.  I don't think we are any
closer now to that than we are to a mechanical pole vaulter.  However...
Some couples watch porno to get in the mood for each other.  Tastes vary,
and computers are cheap, so it is easy enough to imagine both partners
watching their own favorite genre for half an hour or so, get it stirring,
then meet upstairs when the timer goes off.  OK so what if we have a kind of
3-D Jillbot, who is set with a genre, something fun and paradoxical, such as
a bot that looks like the real-reality Jill but loves energy sources.  THAT
would get me turned on.  Then we rely on what good old evolution has given
us for the final act of the play.  Both partners win.

I would apply as a Jack-bot trainer and do the comedy genre.  I do silly
well.  By bride loves it.

BillK, it is eeeasy to foresee that sexbots will not only be better than the
real thing, but waaaay better.  But in this vision, they would be
participants rather than competitors.


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