[ExI] T​he Libertarian Party's vice presidential nominee

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> ​> ​
>> If he said "Vote the nasty Hillary to avoid the monstrous Trump" I could
>> just barely believe he is expressing an honest opinion but once he praised
>> the crooked Hillary as a new incarnation of St Francis of Assisi I know he
>> is a lying loser.
> ​So Hillary is no good, Trump is no good, and even the Libertarian
> candidate is no good. NOBODY is good enough for you. A cynic and a very
> naive person have a lot in common, one rejects everything and the other
> accepts everything; neither position requires any brainpower. The organ in
> the bone box sitting on the shoulders only comes in handy for people in the
> middle of that range.

### Your postings to date make me think you are not in the middle of a

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