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>> PS: thanks, for a few seconds I was thinking of something besides the
>> catastrophe.
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> Me too!  Thanks to you John.  We took a pounding, 538 to zip, but as you
> posted, there is a bright side and it is bright indeed.  Having you post
> under the title look on the bright side is a good thing.  I am an
> inherently optimistic sort,

​ you are Spike​
, and your optimism and intelligence
is why I enjoy discussing things with you. That and your politeness which I
must admit has been greater than my own on occasion, but at this point
angry words serve no purpose, all I can do now is hope I was wrong about
him and he just turn
out to be a very bad presadent and not
extinction level event.
o I will say no more about Trump.

Concerning LIGO there has been no new experimental data but there has been
further analysis of the old data and Einstein wins again. Many physicists
don't like the idea that the spacetime curvature at the center of a Black
Hole is infinite so in 2001
​ ​
Mazur and Mottola
​ ​
hypothesized a object as an alternative to Black Holes called a Gravastar


The idea was that from the outside things in
 intense gravitational field appear to slow down and get cooler, so they
thought if atoms in the collapsing star got cold enough they'd form a
 Bose–Einstein condensate and stop things from collapsing
​all the way down to
 a geometric point. The spacetime curvature at the center of a Gravastar
would be enormous but not infinite as it is in a Black Hole. From the
outside it would be almost impossible to tell the difference between a
​ ​
​ ​
and a Black Hole.  Almost.

Chirenti and Rezzolla
​ ​
computer modeled what the "ringdown" of a Black Hole and a Gravastar
​ ​
would sound like and it turns out they're slightly different.


It's well known
 that a Black Hole can be completely described by just 3 numbers, mass,
spin, and electrical charge, but actually that's only true of a Black Hole
that has reached a steady state. When it's first formed the Event Horizon
can be non-spherical and have lumps and bumps in it

then the Black Hole will vibrate like a bell giving off intense
gravitational waves and becoming smooth and spherical and reach a steady
state in just a few seconds. This is the ringdown. Chirenti and Rezzolla
​ ​
analyzed the ringdown from LIGO's first detection and found it to be
entirely consistent with a Einstein Black Hole but inconsistent with a
Mazur and Mottola
​ ​
Gravastar. Never before has General Relativity been tested within a
gravitational field that strong and Albert wins again. I wonder if this
​be ​
the first evidence that physical and not just mathematical infinity exists.
Maybe spacetime really is infinitely curved in places.

It's remarkable a
​ ​
patent clerk
​ ​
a century ago could tell us how
​merging ​
Black Holes
​behave ​
using nothing but
​pen and paper​
. Einstein was just a natural born winner, and unlike Trump Einstein  won
so often he didn't even need to brag about it, I wish Einstein had been on
the ballot instead of that idiot Trump because.....

Sorry sorry, I almost made it.

 John K Clark

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