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On Wed, Nov 9, 2016 at 11:47 AM, spike <spike66 at att.net <mailto:spike66 at att.net> > wrote:


​>> ​…  I am an inherently optimistic sort,


​>…I know you are Spike​, and your optimism and intelligence is why I enjoy discussing things with you…


John you are too kind, sir.


>… but at this point angry words serve no purpose…


They do serve a purpose!  We have a job to do, a big one, an important one.  Let us not take our eye off the ball.  The football that is.  We have a golden window of opportunity to get that ball to a safer location.


>… all I can do now is hope I was wrong about him…


You weren’t wrong John, there is danger.  We should work toward getting those nukes safe.  Either way this misadventure had turned out, we would be facing that same problem, and even if not now, later.  Even if this one turns out OK, there will be future crazy power grabbers running for POTUS.  


We have developed technologies that obviate the whole notion of instant response.  In the early days of nukes, each missile carried only one warhead, and there just weren’t that many of them.  A surprise first attack was a real risk.  Now there are many rockets, and they are carried on submarines, some may be on trains, perhaps disguised as something else, some may be on trucks perhaps disguised as something else.  We have early warning satellites and perhaps other early warning technologies that did not exist when the government established the precedent of having that trigger in the possession of the executive branch.  It should not be there.  The reasons it was put there to start with no longer exist.  So let’s get it back.


>…Concerning LIGO there has been no new experimental data but there has been further analysis of the old data and Einstein wins again…


Since this is a different topic, I want to take it up in a subsequent post.


In this one, we need to grab the short opportunity that the current government is in power before it changes hands.  We need to somehow undo the precedent started in 1950 in North Korea, escalated in the 1960s in Vietnam, that the POTUS has the authority to commit acts of war.  It wasn’t that way in the 1940s, which is why the US was late joining that fight.  Roosevelt wanted to go, congress said no.  Subsequent POTUSes (POTI?) just sent them.  This appears illegal to me.


So how do we do it?  We have the means, we damn sure have the motive.  Now what?





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