[ExI] ok, so prove it

spike spike66 at att.net
Thu Nov 10 18:39:28 UTC 2016

I thought of a modest proposal today, as an afterthought of sorts to our traumatic election season in the USA.

You already know my quadrennial rant about the voting process, so I will spare you that, and get to the point.  I suggested yesterday that perhaps the commies rigged the voting machines.  I am astonished that no one in the defeated party has suggested it.  Why?  Vladimir had the means and damn sure had the motive.  Had it come out the other way, would not the other party have been squawking?  Ja.  Of course, they told us in advance they were going to protest if they lost. OK, so...  We have all these states claiming this count and that count, and yet still... most of them have paperless machine voting somewhere in that state.  Sunshine is the best disinfectant.  Ok then, my modest proposal to all fifty states: we see what you told us, now prove it.

Publish the total vote as counted, publish the paperless machine-only count, right up front.  Then, take every one of those paper ballots and put them out where we can all see them using some kind of digital imaging or number them and photograph them, post the digital images.  Then let us count, compare the reported count to what we see.  Ja?  

The party currently in the WH has nothing to lose, ja?  And the other party has nothing to hide, ja?  And yet... our collective trust in government is at an all time low.  So, let us restore some of that trust, by demonstrating that the recount agrees with what has already been published, shall we?  

Oh and while we are there, do let us compare the outcome of the mail-in ballots with the in-person paper ballots with the machine ballots, shall we?  Defeated party, have you anything to lose?  Victorious party, have you anything to hide?  No and no, we thought not.

So prove it.  Let us recount, in plain sight please.


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