[ExI] The very first question the press should ask Trump

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> I do!
> Oh wait, you meant… that guy they say won, OK.
> Let’s see, that one, 2020 contest.  Mike Pence and Jenna Bush vs. Michelle Obama and Chelsea Clinton?
> Oh we can do so much better than this crowd.  What happened to that guy they had, Senator Jim Webb?  He seemed so honest and sane, a decorated veteran with two purple hearts, I am astonished he didn’t walk away with the nomination with change left over.  Anyone who has been in combat will not be eager to send anyone else’s sons there.

Spike, four years ago you might have made a reasonable guess Hillary Clinton would run and win her party's nomination, but would you have guessed Trump would run and win the GOP nomination? If not, then do you think you have a reasonable guess if who will be the Democratic Party's nominee in 02020? I don't. (Of course, they could be stupid like the GOP -- lining up McCain back in 02008 and Dole back in 01996: weak candidates who seemed to earn being on the ticket by simple seniority rather than broad appeal.;) I think, though, it's likely not to be another Clinton or another Obama.

I believe this campaign kind of was a rejection of the House of Clinton. Meaning? Democrats won't give them another chance. It's likely also a rejection of the House of Bush. Recall how Jeb was predicted an early favorite in 02015, then his campaign evaporated faster then a mini-black hole. Why think future elections will merely be rehashing the same small cast of characters? (This isn't to say much changes: shitty policy mixes, but with new, more often unrelated* faces.) 


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* I don't mean complete outsiders, but who were the Clintons in 01990? I was perhaps too young to notice, but had you known about them back then? Anyone else here know of them in 01990? 
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