[ExI] Last political post for a while (I hope)

Mirco Romanato painlord2k at libero.it
Sat Nov 12 23:43:42 UTC 2016

Il 12/11/2016 23:27, John Clark ha scritto:

> she might be President-elect today.  

> John K Clark

Is it so difficult to accept people will?

You are free to move somewhere else and build your society.
A lot of people do.
Away from deplorables, racists, stupids, evil, insane individuals that
elected Trumps.

Flee before the door of the asylum close.

Maybe there is a place for you in Venezuela, or Cuba, or Little St. James.

You should look into Seasteading. A community of individuals like you,
on a seastead , should be able to build a thriving and progressive
society away from the bigoted trumpites.

My raccomendation is to not allow any right wingers on your
island/seastead. Use weapons and letal force if needed to keep them away.

My raccomendation to the right wingers is the same: do not allo JKC on
your seastead or anyone of the left.

Then I would be interested in seeing how both of the communities fare
compared to the other.

There is a novel by Dallas McCord Reynolds
 “The Rival Rigalians” 1967
about this topic.

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